Wednesday 3 June 2015


Hey guys! Sorry that there haven't been any updates recently, but we've both been busy with our lives.

Tracy has been going through some things in life and won't be able to post as much as before, but I'll continue to update as often as I can.

There's a new story in the works, so stay tuned!

Monday 20 April 2015

Mrs T (Part 2)

Part 2 of me and Mrs T. Not as long, but enjoy :)

Her pussy was glistening and was leaking juices. At that age I didn’t know much about eating pussy and for some reason, as I moved towards her, my body immediately made me bend down and start eating out her pussy, licking up all the juices that were leaking from her. I slowly made my way to her vagina and started licking it like I was licking a cone of ice cream. As I was doing that, she pushed my head down onto her pussy and my tongue went inside. This was a completely new experience for me and I wasn’t sure as to what I should do. She guided me and told me to continue doing what I was doing, just inside her. I started to flick my tongue inside her and she started squirming and moaning even more! I was surprised at her reaction and decided to move my tongue around even faster to see what her reaction would be to that. As I expected, her moans got louder and louder and she pushed my head down even more onto her crotch.

I continued eating her out for a while until she finally had a huge orgasm. She screamed extremely loudly as she reached her climax. Once she calmed down, she looked at me and said, “You really are a stud. In all the years I’ve been married, I’ve never had an orgasm like that. Come to think of it, this is my first orgasm in a couple of years.” I smiled at her and kissed her with her juices all over my face. While I was kissing her, Mdm N came behind me and grabbed my dick and positioned it at the entrance to Mrs T’s vagina. Next thing I knew, Mdm N had pushed me from behind and I was balls deep in Mrs T, who let out an extremely large moan as I penetrated her.

The feeling of being inside her was indescribable, her pussy was tighter than Mdm N’s and squeezed my dick with every thrust I made inside of her. I was so horny that I didn’t last as long as compared to my first time with Mdm N. I blew my load deep inside her pussy and when I pulled out, she sucked my dick clean. What I saw next surprised me completely. Mdm N got down on her knees and sucked my cum out of Mrs T’s pussy and shared it with her in a very passionate kiss.

I stood there watching them make out and share my cum with each other. Within minutes, I was horny and hard again. I had a clear line of sight to Mrs T’s pussy again and I went for it. My sudden intrusion of her pussy lips shocked her but she immediately started enjoying it and started moaning, all while making out with Mdm N.

I knew that I could last longer this time since I had already cum once and I pounded her as hard and fast as I could. In a few minutes, she started screaming with her orgasm but I kept fucking her and a few minutes later, we both had our second orgasm at the same time. I didn’t stop fucking her until I wasn’t hard enough and my dick just came out on its own. This time, Mdm N got down on her knees and cleaned up my dick with her mouth.

Once she was done, both of them stood up, and started whispering to each other. A few moments later, both of them came to me and said that they were both my sugar mommies now. That meant that they would give me money and gifts anytime and all I had to do was to keep fucking them regularly and cumming inside of them. Needless to say, I agreed immediately, not like I had much of a choice.

We put on our clothes and left the toilet, with an unspoken agreement that there would definitely be more threesomes, and possibly even more.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! More coming soon!

Monday 23 March 2015

Mrs T (Part 1)

I hope you guys enjoyed the story of Mdm N and myself. Here's a continuation from that. Enjoy :)

Little did I know that my adventures with Mdm N were far from over. We'd meet almost every day, be it in her office, her car, our deserted toilet, or even her home, and she’d always let me in her.

It was well known amongst the students that Mdm N had a close group of teacher friends who always hung out with each other. We always speculated who they were, but we were never sure who they were.

It was a normal day in school, and there was remedial with Mdm N, which I knew would always end up leading to sex. I went by the whole day looking forward to being able to be the 11 year old who managed to bang the sexiest teacher in the school again and again. Although no one knew about our secret affair, I always loved thinking of myself as a stud being a legend amongst the guys if the story did get out.

The day went by as normal, Mdm N was wearing a dress that showed off her ample cleavage and accentuated her figure and gave me a raging boner for almost the entire day in school. As the day went by, I couldn’t wait to be standing between her legs and pleasuring her as best as I could.

Finally it was time for remedial and I began a mental countdown in my head. 2 more hours to go. Knowing I would be extremely distracted, Mdm N gave me extra work to do that would occupy me till after the rest of the class had left. I kept doing everything she threw at me to pass the time by faster. Before I realised it, she was dismissing the rest of the class and specifically told me to stay there until I finished everything that she had given me to do. By the time I finished it, it was around 6pm, when remedial had ended at 5.30pm. Being the naughty kid that I was, Mdm N was in contact with my mother and messaged her to inform her that I would be done late as I was getting extra help with some of my weaker topics and would let her know when I was done. My mother was pleased with me actually getting help and didn’t object to it, so I knew that I had all the time to enjoy with Mdm N.

We went to the toilet where we first crossed all boundaries with each other and the moment we got to a secluded area before the toilet, I pushed her against the wall and started kissing her. (When I was 11, I was already 172cm tall and she was slightly shorter than me.) I had become proficient in unhooking bras and had snapped her bra off in a couple of seconds and in that time, she had my dick in her hand and began jerking it off.

As we were making out, I didn’t hear the approaching footsteps and the next thing I heard was, “ Wow N, you were right about the size of his dick. He’s bigger than both our husbands!”

I was shocked and looked up. I saw Mrs T standing there watching as Mdm N continued to jerk me off. Mdm N pushed me into the toilet and Mrs T followed, locking the door behind us. Mdm N continued making out with me and I didn’t object to it. While we were making out, I began undressing her. I unzipped her dress and pushed it off her shoulders and it dropped right to the ground. She wasn’t wearing any panties! All that was left was her bra that was hanging loosely off her shoulders as I had already unhooked it before. Seconds later, her bra was off and I was left wearing only my school shirt and my PE T-shirt underneath. Mdm N pulled away from me and signalled for Mrs T to take her place. Before I knew it, I was making out with Mrs T, another hottie teacher. She was wearing a t-shirt that showed the outline of her bra and a pair of pants. The moment we started kissing, my hands began to work and started undressing her while her hands did the same to remove my remaining two shirts.

Finally all 3 of us were completely naked. Mdm N came closer to us and the 3 of us hugged each other together with my dick pressing against both their bodies and both of their tits pressing against different parts of my body.

“So I’ve heard you’re quite the stud for an 11 year old, lets see how true this is.” Mrs T said to me as she sat down on the toilet and spread her legs open for me.

To be continued...

Friday 13 March 2015

Mdm N (Part 2)

Continued from before..

“Now imagine I’m her. Do everything like you did it that day.”

I stood there dumbfounded. Was she asking me to do what I think she was? Was I about to be the one guy in school who would get to fulfil his fantasy of being with Mdm N? As I stood there dumbfounded, she hiked up her pencil skirt and pulled off her panties from under her skirt, sat down on the closed toilet bowl and spread her legs.

I stood there dumbfounded, the sexiest teacher in the school was in front of me, spreading her legs and inviting me in her. My body was reacting to the situation and there was a large tent in my shorts. She looked at it and smiled, knowing that she was having the desired effect on me. I thought about all the times that I had thought of her and masturbated, the various different ways I could have her, but in all of those fantasies, I never imagined that I would have her this way.

While I stood there with my mouth ajar and dick ready to tear my pants, she got up and went down on her knees. I felt her hands rubbing my manhood and I could feel her slowly unzipping my shorts and in a few seconds, my dick was free and hit her square in the face as it emerged.

She was shocked at the size of it and looked at it in awe, caressing it and looking at it from as many angles as she could. After caressing it for a while, she started licking it tenderly and took the entire shaft in her mouth. There were no words to describe the feeling of her sucking on my dick, I had had my dick sucked before by a couple of girls before, but this was beyond anything I had ever had before. In minutes of her sucking my dick, I could barely control it anymore and unloaded my entire load in her mouth. After I was done, she opened her mouth and showed me the entire load inside her mouth and looked at me as she swallowed everything down.

Once her mouth was clean, she took my shrinking dick back into her mouth and continued sucking me until I was hard again and ready to go again.

This time, I was ready for her and I took control of the situation. As she stood up, I pushed her down on the floor and spread her legs apart. I got down on my knees and positioned myself between her legs. I looked at her and saw the longing look in her eyes and I knew she wanted me. A seasoned teacher of many years, a mother and a wife, she wanted me, an 11 year old student in her. I decided to make her wait. I leaned down on her as though I was going to kiss her but instead, I ripped her shirt open and exposed her gorgeous breasts that every guy in the school has wanted. Every breath she took made them rise and fall and I knew I had to have them.

I bent down to her chest and started biting the exposed part of her jugs. Each bite I took made her moan even louder. We both knew that no one would be in that part of the school at that hour so we didn’t bother keeping quiet. Her bra was getting in the way for me and I was too horny to unhook it from behind her so I just yanked it right off her, tearing her bra in the process. The pain made her tear up but that didn’t stop her from moaning when I went back down to her breasts and started biting her nipples. Her moans got even louder as I alternated between the two dark brown nipples, standing firm and straight, inviting me to continue what I was doing.

Throughout this entire time, my dick was touching her pussy lips and rubbing against her clit while I was moving around, making sure that her pussy was dripping wet, ready for me to penetrate her. I lifted my head up from her nipples and looked into her eyes and without warning, I pushed my entire dick inside her with one hard thrust. The look on her face as I entered her was unforgettable, until today, I still remember that look and wish I could do her again.

I entered her and stopped when I was completely inside her, marvelling at the feeling of being inside the pussy of a woman at least 3 times my age. I had been inside a couple of other pussies, one my age and two others older than me, but this was by far the best feeling.

I didn’t stop for long. I started thrusting in and out of her as fast as I could, thoroughly enjoying the sounds she was making. The entire situation had me turned on so much that I continued pumping her despite how tired I was. After 20 long minutes of pumping her in missionary position, I finally felt myself going to blow. I didn’t tell her anything, but instead just blasted my cum deep in her pussy. As I was cumming in her, she looked at me and smiled and threw her head back again, clearly enjoying the feeling of me filling her up with my cum.

After I was done, I pulled out of her vagina and she beckoned me to put my dick in her mouth so she could clean it up. I moved forward and let her suck and lick my dick clean and then put my clothes back on while she lay there, with her legs wide open, cum dripping out of her pussy and her panting. Finally, she stood up, pulled her skirt down and tried to button the remaining buttons on her shirt. Knowing her bra was beyond repair, she threw it away in the toilet dustbin and as we left the toilet, she tried to adjust her shirt so it wouldn’t seem like it was ripped open and that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

We went back to class to get our things and she found she had a jacket in her bag which she quickly put on to maintain some form of her dignity. Before we left the class, she grabbed my dick in her hands and said, “This never gets out. What we did happened and may happen again, but if you say anything, I will make sure you get expelled.” I nodded my head and grabbed her crotch area the way she did my dick and that made her jump. I smiled at her reaction and left the classroom, going home in a very happy mood.

Hope you guys have enjoyed it. Hope to have more stories to post soon. :)

Thursday 12 March 2015

Living in heaven

You know how the brain doesn't register the "don't" when you mention not to do something? Well, my roommate just snuck up on me when I was completely ass naked. I specifically told them, "don't come into my room without knocking!" Don't get me wrong. He's hot beyond words. Both of them are. Yes there are two!

See when I wanted to rent a room about two months ago, I thought I'd be getting a room with some old couple who has an extra room since their kid got married. Little did I know I'm moving into heaven with two gym junkies who has weights lying around the living room. Mind you, I eat there. Heh.

So it was a typical end of the day, I was in my room getting ready for bed, with the door closed. I love sleeping naked and I'd stretch a bit before heading to bed so that I don't go to bed with a stiff back. As I was doing my forward bend, I felt something pressing against my ass. I opened my eyes, still in the forward bend, and I see a pair of legs behind me. My god. He placed his hands on my hips and it was the best grip I've ever experienced. AC (bet he didn't want to be named here) was breathing heavily and was slowly thrusting. I forced my way out of his grip only to be facing him. His hazel eyes so focused. Intent on one thing.


I looked down sheepishly and saw the bulge coming from his pants. I've dreamt of this moment since I moved in. I kneeled, undid and pulled his pants down, only to reveal a raging boner. I couldn't help myself but to feel dominated by this man. I looked up, looking for signs on his face. He was waiting. Waiting for this mouth of mine to wrap around his penis. I took the pleasure of licking his penis head. Like a lollipop. His eyes rolled back and he groaned in pleasure. I took that as a sign of advancement and welcomed his penis into my mouth. He was so thick that I couldn't fit all of this sexual goodness into my mouth. I forced his penis into the back of my throat, making me gag. That was how much I wanted him.

"Please fuck me.."

That was all I could say after releasing his penis from my mouth. That smile he wore upon hearing that.. He pulled me up and spun me around. Pushing me forward onto my bed, he took a condom out of his pants. Came prepared I see. He was spoiling me. He took his penis and started playing with my pussy. I was starting to moan, moaning for more, moaning for this sexual beast to be in me. He continued teasing me till he was satisfied and finally, my wish came true. His penis was finally in me.. Mine. He went slow. In... And out... My moans got to him every time as he started thrusting harder and harder. My moans got louder and louder till JD (the other hunk of a roommate) had to barge in. AC pushed me away and they both exchanged a truce look.

Two hunks in my room? Yes please.

I did the same to JD, undoing his pants and found another raging boner. Bonus! I pushed AC onto the bed and found my way on top. Of course I wouldn't leave JD out, I gave him a blowjob. Thrusting and sucking. I'm getting the hang of both of these men moaning and groaning their pleasures out. AC had his hands on my ass and JD on my breasts. I couldn't help but to notice that both men soon took control of the whole situation. JD's hands made their way to my hair and AC started grabbing my hips. Both of them controlled the speed in which that I was going. JD had me gagging most of the time and AC made me thrust faster and faster. Oh the adrenaline. The situation made me so turned on that I couldn't help myself but to cum. With JD's penis still in my mouth, I let out a loud moan, informing them that I'm done.

But they weren't.

They controlled me as if I was their slave. Their sex slave.


Wednesday 11 March 2015

Mdm N (Part 1)

Brief summary before I start. I’ve always been a very horny guy and fantasizing about teachers and classmates was pretty normal for me. Again, none of this did happen, just fantasy.

It all began in Primary School. I had this teacher, Mdm N, she always wore clothes that would reveal her ample chest and looking at her used to be the best feeling all us guys in class would have.

Me being the person I was in primary school, I was always getting into trouble, so I was eternally stuck in class after school being lectured by various different teachers. This time, I got into trouble for passing notes to the girl I liked in class so I was forced to stay back after class. On that particular day, we had extra classes so by the time we ended, the school was pretty much empty. I was dreading the lecture that was gonna come cause I knew she was gonna nag and nag and I would be extremely bored, but also cause she was wearing a top that showed off her ample cleavage and I knew that I would definitely be distracted while she was lecturing me.

Finally the time came, she dismissed the class and I grudgingly packed my bag, knowing that I was in for an extremely long lecture. I dragged my feet to the front of the class and sat down in front of her table. As I sat down, I saw the note I had been caught passing and hoped that she wouldn’t open it.

After what seemed like hours, she finally made her way to the table and sat down on her chair with a sigh and looked at me.

“Do you want me to open this note and read what’s inside?” She asked me.

“No ma’am.” I replied, head looking down to show some form of remorse.

“Please explain to me why you would do something like that during class. You know your grades aren’t that great. You got promoted into the best class because you topped the second best class last year. While you may be smart in that class, you’re not the smartest here and if you want to achieve anything, you’re going to have to stop being distracted and actually focus during lessons.”

“Yes ma’am. I promise I won’t be distracted anymore. I’ll focus completely during lessons.”

“Good. Now, you seem to be extremely anxious for me not to read this letter. What are you trying to hide from me?”

“Nothing ma’am. Just normal talk.”

“Really? So if I open it I will only see conversation about how much you like her, and talking about general things? Nothing else?”

I kept my head down and didn’t respond to what she said. She looked at me and slowly opened up the note. As each fold was opened, my heart raced even faster, wondering what her reaction would be to reading what was in the note. As the note was opened fully, my heart was in my mouth. I kept wondering what she would say to what was written inside. I was waiting for response as I saw her eyes read line by line of the note, but none came. Finally she put the note down and looked at me.

“So this is what you two are talking about during lessons? You’re both 11 but yet you both are behaving like you’re 18! Are you that eager to grow up?”

“We can’t help it ma’am. Our hormones are raging and we both found each other. We’ve both wanted it for so long and finally we got to do it.”

“So you’re telling me that you two have already had sex?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Where did you two do it?”

“Our first time was here in school ma’am. We did it after school around this time when there was no one in school.”

“Oh really? Bring me to where you did it.”

I nodded and slowly walked from the classroom to the block with the science labs. In a corner there was a concealed entrance to the toilets and I pointed to the handicapped toilet. She looked at me and told me to bring her inside and show me how we did it. Not wanting to get into anymore trouble, I opened the door and brought her inside, leaving the door open. Once we were both inside, she turned around and locked the door. Now it was just her and me in the toilet.

To be continued....

Hope you guys enjoyed it. Part 2 will be coming up soon! Enjoy the orgasms :)


Sunday 8 March 2015

Hello :)

Hey all! We just decided to set up this blog to put pen to paper on the more kinky sides of our minds. This is purely fiction with maybe some elements of our true sex lives included in it so don't go commenting about how fake the story is. If it seems fake, its probably meant to be that way.