Friday 13 March 2015

Mdm N (Part 2)

Continued from before..

“Now imagine I’m her. Do everything like you did it that day.”

I stood there dumbfounded. Was she asking me to do what I think she was? Was I about to be the one guy in school who would get to fulfil his fantasy of being with Mdm N? As I stood there dumbfounded, she hiked up her pencil skirt and pulled off her panties from under her skirt, sat down on the closed toilet bowl and spread her legs.

I stood there dumbfounded, the sexiest teacher in the school was in front of me, spreading her legs and inviting me in her. My body was reacting to the situation and there was a large tent in my shorts. She looked at it and smiled, knowing that she was having the desired effect on me. I thought about all the times that I had thought of her and masturbated, the various different ways I could have her, but in all of those fantasies, I never imagined that I would have her this way.

While I stood there with my mouth ajar and dick ready to tear my pants, she got up and went down on her knees. I felt her hands rubbing my manhood and I could feel her slowly unzipping my shorts and in a few seconds, my dick was free and hit her square in the face as it emerged.

She was shocked at the size of it and looked at it in awe, caressing it and looking at it from as many angles as she could. After caressing it for a while, she started licking it tenderly and took the entire shaft in her mouth. There were no words to describe the feeling of her sucking on my dick, I had had my dick sucked before by a couple of girls before, but this was beyond anything I had ever had before. In minutes of her sucking my dick, I could barely control it anymore and unloaded my entire load in her mouth. After I was done, she opened her mouth and showed me the entire load inside her mouth and looked at me as she swallowed everything down.

Once her mouth was clean, she took my shrinking dick back into her mouth and continued sucking me until I was hard again and ready to go again.

This time, I was ready for her and I took control of the situation. As she stood up, I pushed her down on the floor and spread her legs apart. I got down on my knees and positioned myself between her legs. I looked at her and saw the longing look in her eyes and I knew she wanted me. A seasoned teacher of many years, a mother and a wife, she wanted me, an 11 year old student in her. I decided to make her wait. I leaned down on her as though I was going to kiss her but instead, I ripped her shirt open and exposed her gorgeous breasts that every guy in the school has wanted. Every breath she took made them rise and fall and I knew I had to have them.

I bent down to her chest and started biting the exposed part of her jugs. Each bite I took made her moan even louder. We both knew that no one would be in that part of the school at that hour so we didn’t bother keeping quiet. Her bra was getting in the way for me and I was too horny to unhook it from behind her so I just yanked it right off her, tearing her bra in the process. The pain made her tear up but that didn’t stop her from moaning when I went back down to her breasts and started biting her nipples. Her moans got even louder as I alternated between the two dark brown nipples, standing firm and straight, inviting me to continue what I was doing.

Throughout this entire time, my dick was touching her pussy lips and rubbing against her clit while I was moving around, making sure that her pussy was dripping wet, ready for me to penetrate her. I lifted my head up from her nipples and looked into her eyes and without warning, I pushed my entire dick inside her with one hard thrust. The look on her face as I entered her was unforgettable, until today, I still remember that look and wish I could do her again.

I entered her and stopped when I was completely inside her, marvelling at the feeling of being inside the pussy of a woman at least 3 times my age. I had been inside a couple of other pussies, one my age and two others older than me, but this was by far the best feeling.

I didn’t stop for long. I started thrusting in and out of her as fast as I could, thoroughly enjoying the sounds she was making. The entire situation had me turned on so much that I continued pumping her despite how tired I was. After 20 long minutes of pumping her in missionary position, I finally felt myself going to blow. I didn’t tell her anything, but instead just blasted my cum deep in her pussy. As I was cumming in her, she looked at me and smiled and threw her head back again, clearly enjoying the feeling of me filling her up with my cum.

After I was done, I pulled out of her vagina and she beckoned me to put my dick in her mouth so she could clean it up. I moved forward and let her suck and lick my dick clean and then put my clothes back on while she lay there, with her legs wide open, cum dripping out of her pussy and her panting. Finally, she stood up, pulled her skirt down and tried to button the remaining buttons on her shirt. Knowing her bra was beyond repair, she threw it away in the toilet dustbin and as we left the toilet, she tried to adjust her shirt so it wouldn’t seem like it was ripped open and that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

We went back to class to get our things and she found she had a jacket in her bag which she quickly put on to maintain some form of her dignity. Before we left the class, she grabbed my dick in her hands and said, “This never gets out. What we did happened and may happen again, but if you say anything, I will make sure you get expelled.” I nodded my head and grabbed her crotch area the way she did my dick and that made her jump. I smiled at her reaction and left the classroom, going home in a very happy mood.

Hope you guys have enjoyed it. Hope to have more stories to post soon. :)

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