Monday 23 March 2015

Mrs T (Part 1)

I hope you guys enjoyed the story of Mdm N and myself. Here's a continuation from that. Enjoy :)

Little did I know that my adventures with Mdm N were far from over. We'd meet almost every day, be it in her office, her car, our deserted toilet, or even her home, and she’d always let me in her.

It was well known amongst the students that Mdm N had a close group of teacher friends who always hung out with each other. We always speculated who they were, but we were never sure who they were.

It was a normal day in school, and there was remedial with Mdm N, which I knew would always end up leading to sex. I went by the whole day looking forward to being able to be the 11 year old who managed to bang the sexiest teacher in the school again and again. Although no one knew about our secret affair, I always loved thinking of myself as a stud being a legend amongst the guys if the story did get out.

The day went by as normal, Mdm N was wearing a dress that showed off her ample cleavage and accentuated her figure and gave me a raging boner for almost the entire day in school. As the day went by, I couldn’t wait to be standing between her legs and pleasuring her as best as I could.

Finally it was time for remedial and I began a mental countdown in my head. 2 more hours to go. Knowing I would be extremely distracted, Mdm N gave me extra work to do that would occupy me till after the rest of the class had left. I kept doing everything she threw at me to pass the time by faster. Before I realised it, she was dismissing the rest of the class and specifically told me to stay there until I finished everything that she had given me to do. By the time I finished it, it was around 6pm, when remedial had ended at 5.30pm. Being the naughty kid that I was, Mdm N was in contact with my mother and messaged her to inform her that I would be done late as I was getting extra help with some of my weaker topics and would let her know when I was done. My mother was pleased with me actually getting help and didn’t object to it, so I knew that I had all the time to enjoy with Mdm N.

We went to the toilet where we first crossed all boundaries with each other and the moment we got to a secluded area before the toilet, I pushed her against the wall and started kissing her. (When I was 11, I was already 172cm tall and she was slightly shorter than me.) I had become proficient in unhooking bras and had snapped her bra off in a couple of seconds and in that time, she had my dick in her hand and began jerking it off.

As we were making out, I didn’t hear the approaching footsteps and the next thing I heard was, “ Wow N, you were right about the size of his dick. He’s bigger than both our husbands!”

I was shocked and looked up. I saw Mrs T standing there watching as Mdm N continued to jerk me off. Mdm N pushed me into the toilet and Mrs T followed, locking the door behind us. Mdm N continued making out with me and I didn’t object to it. While we were making out, I began undressing her. I unzipped her dress and pushed it off her shoulders and it dropped right to the ground. She wasn’t wearing any panties! All that was left was her bra that was hanging loosely off her shoulders as I had already unhooked it before. Seconds later, her bra was off and I was left wearing only my school shirt and my PE T-shirt underneath. Mdm N pulled away from me and signalled for Mrs T to take her place. Before I knew it, I was making out with Mrs T, another hottie teacher. She was wearing a t-shirt that showed the outline of her bra and a pair of pants. The moment we started kissing, my hands began to work and started undressing her while her hands did the same to remove my remaining two shirts.

Finally all 3 of us were completely naked. Mdm N came closer to us and the 3 of us hugged each other together with my dick pressing against both their bodies and both of their tits pressing against different parts of my body.

“So I’ve heard you’re quite the stud for an 11 year old, lets see how true this is.” Mrs T said to me as she sat down on the toilet and spread her legs open for me.

To be continued...

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