Wednesday 11 March 2015

Mdm N (Part 1)

Brief summary before I start. I’ve always been a very horny guy and fantasizing about teachers and classmates was pretty normal for me. Again, none of this did happen, just fantasy.

It all began in Primary School. I had this teacher, Mdm N, she always wore clothes that would reveal her ample chest and looking at her used to be the best feeling all us guys in class would have.

Me being the person I was in primary school, I was always getting into trouble, so I was eternally stuck in class after school being lectured by various different teachers. This time, I got into trouble for passing notes to the girl I liked in class so I was forced to stay back after class. On that particular day, we had extra classes so by the time we ended, the school was pretty much empty. I was dreading the lecture that was gonna come cause I knew she was gonna nag and nag and I would be extremely bored, but also cause she was wearing a top that showed off her ample cleavage and I knew that I would definitely be distracted while she was lecturing me.

Finally the time came, she dismissed the class and I grudgingly packed my bag, knowing that I was in for an extremely long lecture. I dragged my feet to the front of the class and sat down in front of her table. As I sat down, I saw the note I had been caught passing and hoped that she wouldn’t open it.

After what seemed like hours, she finally made her way to the table and sat down on her chair with a sigh and looked at me.

“Do you want me to open this note and read what’s inside?” She asked me.

“No ma’am.” I replied, head looking down to show some form of remorse.

“Please explain to me why you would do something like that during class. You know your grades aren’t that great. You got promoted into the best class because you topped the second best class last year. While you may be smart in that class, you’re not the smartest here and if you want to achieve anything, you’re going to have to stop being distracted and actually focus during lessons.”

“Yes ma’am. I promise I won’t be distracted anymore. I’ll focus completely during lessons.”

“Good. Now, you seem to be extremely anxious for me not to read this letter. What are you trying to hide from me?”

“Nothing ma’am. Just normal talk.”

“Really? So if I open it I will only see conversation about how much you like her, and talking about general things? Nothing else?”

I kept my head down and didn’t respond to what she said. She looked at me and slowly opened up the note. As each fold was opened, my heart raced even faster, wondering what her reaction would be to reading what was in the note. As the note was opened fully, my heart was in my mouth. I kept wondering what she would say to what was written inside. I was waiting for response as I saw her eyes read line by line of the note, but none came. Finally she put the note down and looked at me.

“So this is what you two are talking about during lessons? You’re both 11 but yet you both are behaving like you’re 18! Are you that eager to grow up?”

“We can’t help it ma’am. Our hormones are raging and we both found each other. We’ve both wanted it for so long and finally we got to do it.”

“So you’re telling me that you two have already had sex?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Where did you two do it?”

“Our first time was here in school ma’am. We did it after school around this time when there was no one in school.”

“Oh really? Bring me to where you did it.”

I nodded and slowly walked from the classroom to the block with the science labs. In a corner there was a concealed entrance to the toilets and I pointed to the handicapped toilet. She looked at me and told me to bring her inside and show me how we did it. Not wanting to get into anymore trouble, I opened the door and brought her inside, leaving the door open. Once we were both inside, she turned around and locked the door. Now it was just her and me in the toilet.

To be continued....

Hope you guys enjoyed it. Part 2 will be coming up soon! Enjoy the orgasms :)


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