Thursday 12 March 2015

Living in heaven

You know how the brain doesn't register the "don't" when you mention not to do something? Well, my roommate just snuck up on me when I was completely ass naked. I specifically told them, "don't come into my room without knocking!" Don't get me wrong. He's hot beyond words. Both of them are. Yes there are two!

See when I wanted to rent a room about two months ago, I thought I'd be getting a room with some old couple who has an extra room since their kid got married. Little did I know I'm moving into heaven with two gym junkies who has weights lying around the living room. Mind you, I eat there. Heh.

So it was a typical end of the day, I was in my room getting ready for bed, with the door closed. I love sleeping naked and I'd stretch a bit before heading to bed so that I don't go to bed with a stiff back. As I was doing my forward bend, I felt something pressing against my ass. I opened my eyes, still in the forward bend, and I see a pair of legs behind me. My god. He placed his hands on my hips and it was the best grip I've ever experienced. AC (bet he didn't want to be named here) was breathing heavily and was slowly thrusting. I forced my way out of his grip only to be facing him. His hazel eyes so focused. Intent on one thing.


I looked down sheepishly and saw the bulge coming from his pants. I've dreamt of this moment since I moved in. I kneeled, undid and pulled his pants down, only to reveal a raging boner. I couldn't help myself but to feel dominated by this man. I looked up, looking for signs on his face. He was waiting. Waiting for this mouth of mine to wrap around his penis. I took the pleasure of licking his penis head. Like a lollipop. His eyes rolled back and he groaned in pleasure. I took that as a sign of advancement and welcomed his penis into my mouth. He was so thick that I couldn't fit all of this sexual goodness into my mouth. I forced his penis into the back of my throat, making me gag. That was how much I wanted him.

"Please fuck me.."

That was all I could say after releasing his penis from my mouth. That smile he wore upon hearing that.. He pulled me up and spun me around. Pushing me forward onto my bed, he took a condom out of his pants. Came prepared I see. He was spoiling me. He took his penis and started playing with my pussy. I was starting to moan, moaning for more, moaning for this sexual beast to be in me. He continued teasing me till he was satisfied and finally, my wish came true. His penis was finally in me.. Mine. He went slow. In... And out... My moans got to him every time as he started thrusting harder and harder. My moans got louder and louder till JD (the other hunk of a roommate) had to barge in. AC pushed me away and they both exchanged a truce look.

Two hunks in my room? Yes please.

I did the same to JD, undoing his pants and found another raging boner. Bonus! I pushed AC onto the bed and found my way on top. Of course I wouldn't leave JD out, I gave him a blowjob. Thrusting and sucking. I'm getting the hang of both of these men moaning and groaning their pleasures out. AC had his hands on my ass and JD on my breasts. I couldn't help but to notice that both men soon took control of the whole situation. JD's hands made their way to my hair and AC started grabbing my hips. Both of them controlled the speed in which that I was going. JD had me gagging most of the time and AC made me thrust faster and faster. Oh the adrenaline. The situation made me so turned on that I couldn't help myself but to cum. With JD's penis still in my mouth, I let out a loud moan, informing them that I'm done.

But they weren't.

They controlled me as if I was their slave. Their sex slave.


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